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9 Most Awful Celebrity B (o) (o) b Jobs

Posted by Anuradha Friday, October 9, 2009

Sometimes they come out looking quite good. I’m here to point out the boob jobs that would make a plastic surgeon in Tijuana cringe.

1. Coco TJustify Full
This is Ice-T’s wife Coco. She is living proof that breasts CAN be too big. (The weird lumpiness of them isn’t helping her case.)

2. Courtney Love
Courtney’s obnoxious propensity to show her breasts in public means we can always be up-to-date on her breast implant status. This photo was taken during one of her many meltdowns, and shows the unattractive ripple of a fresh, shoddy implant.

3. Donatella Versace
This is not a photo of a human being.

4. Gina Lee Nolan
After “Baywatch,” Gina wasn’t done augmenting her breasts. Unfortunately for her, right after a botched augmentation, she made a sex tape… and THAT was the sex tape that leaked out. Painful.

5. Lindsay Lohan
Allegedly, Lindsay started augmenting her breasts when she was 17. She’s has them done a few times. Here’s a photo from one particularly bad time.

6. Tara Reid
I had to cover up the nipple, but you can find it pretty easily if you search online. Suffice to say, of all the times in Tara’s life when she could have smoked up and had a boob pop out on a red carpet… this was one of the worst.

7. Tori Spelling
Tori’s tried and tried to get her boobs right, and always failed. Donna Martin may have graduated from high school, but I’m not sure her plastic surgeon did.

8. Vivica A. Fox
Breasts aren’t supposed to be dented. I’m just happy she got this awful boob job AFTER she filmed “Booty Call.” Weirdly-shaped breasts would’ve really messed up the sex scene where she, for some reason, asks Jamie Foxx to do impressions to turn her on.

. Whitney Houston
Wait… you’re telling me Whitney made a bad life decision? We can’t believe it.


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