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In the rural Nagar district of Uttar Pradesh, 50km north east of New Delhi, a woman gave birth to a baby girl with two faces and four eyes.

The 4 day old is being hailed by villagers as the reincarnation of Ganesha – a Hindu God, who is depicted as having an elephant’s head and is patron of arts and sciences, and the deva of intellect and wisdom

Her birth was welcomed with friendly cheers, claps and offerings. Her parents, who have yet to name her have said that she is a “miracle” and “a gift from god.”Doctors do not know whether she will be able to eat normally yet. At the moment she is being hand-fed.

If the baby girl had been born over here, she’d be considered a freak. However what I think is incredible is that her difference has been celebrated and she will grow up feeling special rather than a freak of nature.

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Yes, you read right, some bats really are adorable. The tiny White Bats of Honduras are among the cutest rodents on Earth.

Also known as Ectophylla Alba, the Honduran White Bats are only 37-47mm long and can be found in Central America and The Caribbean. They cut the side veins of the Heliconia plant leaves causing them to fold into a protective tent. The small bats live in colonies of up to six individuals, one mail and a harem of females.

The natural tent protects the White Bats from rain and predators and they only take flight when their home is no longer safe.

10 Hottest and Sexiest Wifes of Soccer & Football Players

Posted by Anuradha Sunday, May 24, 2009

Ilary Blasi, Francesco Totti’s Wife

AS Roma

Victoria Beckham, guess who’s wife

LA Galaxy

Noemie Lenoir, Claude Makelele’s wife


Daniela Cicarelli, Ronaldo’s ex

Real Madrid

Federica Ridolfi, Giuliano Giannichedda’s Wife


Cristiano Ronaldo’s Gemma Atkinson

Manchester United

Giorgia Palmas, Davide Bombardini’s Girlfriend


Magdalena Graaf Hedman, Magnus Hedman’s Wife


Linda Evangelista, Fabien Barthez’s Wife


Racia Oliveria, Ronaldo again!

Real Madrid

Shakira Sex Tape Revealed - 12 Hot snaps

Posted by Anuradha Sunday, May 17, 2009

Meet colombian singer and dancer Shakira in her best performance yet. Sooner or later we knew a tape would surface exposing her oral fixation to us all. The movie was most likely recorded during her most recent tour through the states. For more details visit

Is about Travis Barker clothing line, but I have no idea if this Travis Barker is the drummer Travis Barker or some other one. But enough about Travis, the post suppose to be about Miss Kim Kardashian and her big assets.

Here she is getting topless for some clothing line looking pretty good. I don’t see any clothes but whatever…

I know you just love Nicole Coco Austin, and here she is in SSX Magazine (June 2009). Lock the door and grab your winner, you have work to do! And you'll never get tired of this set of 11 exposing pictures of Coco showing enormous cleavage, her giant ass, her monster tits and some almost nude pictures.

Nice to see that despite the fact that Danielle Lloyd has hooked up with her 43rd soccer player she's still willing to work her moneymakers for Nuts to make a buck. A girl's got to stay a little independent, you know? Unfortunately it appears as though Dani is still adhering to her policy of posing with arm shields over her boobs despite the fact that anyone with any Internet search skills could find her Playboy pictures and see what she's hiding. Hey, where'd you go?

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