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The most desirable woman of England – Katie Price (9 pics)

Posted by Anuradha Friday, July 31, 2009

Child Born with Second Penis in the Middle of His Back

Posted by Anuradha Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Fetus in Fetu (FIF) is a rare and very mysterious medical condition that is said to have occurred (or at least is recorded to have occurred) less than ninety times throughout medical history. For the little boy born in Tianjin’s Children Hospital in China, the second penis in the middle of his tiny back is a medical first and even weirder than some other instances of this highly unusual phenomenon.

The baby presented no problems when it came into the world with the help of midwives on May 27, 2008, at the Hejian Maternity Center, which is part of Tianjin Children’s Hospital.

What seemed like a routine birth, however, soon turned into a story from Ripley’s Believe it or Not, as midwives and medical staff could not have been more surprised to see a little boy endowed with a second penis in the middle of his back.

Born to farmer dad, Li Jun, 30, and his wife, who live in Central China’s Henan Province, the extra penis was safely removed.

There are complicated theories about this condition that relate to the abnormal formation of twins in utero (parasitic twin theory), but this manifestation is just too weird for any of the medical books.

For now, doctors are content to say that after three hours of surgery, the extra penis is gone and the little boy is doing fine.

On April 30th, Steven Soderbergh's The Girlfriend Experience becomes available On Demand, and then in limited theatrical release on May 22nd. WATCH THE TRAILER HERE. The film stars adult film actress Sasha Grey, and is her first experience working in the mainstream. We at Screen Junkies thought to ourselves that if Sasha can act in a mainstream feature film, then there are some other porn starlets out there who'd have a place in the broader market as well. Without further ado, here they are.


Briana Banks' career took off when she changed her name from "Mirage" and had a boob job. Her first appearance as the Briana we've come to know was in Decadent Whores 9. Any actress understands the slim odds of being brought into a storied franchise as a key player - let alone the 9th installment. So it's a testament to her acting prowess that she landed the gig. And if you overlook the fact that you can buy a mold of her vagina at adult book shops, you might let her win you over with her cute, Midwestern looks. We think she'd do well as the female lead in romantic comedies.


Jenaveve has beein in over 250 adult films, and has also appeared on Howard Stern on Demand. She said that she did not have any friends in high school because "nobody liked her" and also because "She would hook up with her friends boyfriends", she now has no friends except for her pornstar friends who aren't successful as well. That takes a certain ballsiness, and when we think of tough, we think of Michele Rodriguez. Also, both Jolie and Rodriguez have gotten it on with girls. Perfect for upping your indie cred. We'd like to see Jenaveve in a low-budget drama about the struggle to rise above your means.


Spicy. Saucy. Latina. If Catalina can pull off a convincing Spanish accent and traipse around the streets of Barcelona talking about life, love, food and how men are pigs, then indie darling Pedro Almodóvar has a spot in his next flick for you. You and Penelope can play sisters and they can save money by only having to print your surnames once. In this economy, every cutback helps. (And the ability to do foreign films is a bigger asset than the two on Catalina's chest.)


In January 2007, an article in the New York Times stated that Jesse Jane intended to have her breast enhancement surgery re-done in an effort to enhance their appearance for high-definition movies. Now that's commitment to her roles, and reminds us of Renee Zellweger gaining and losing and gaining for Bridget Jones. Yes, quirky neurotic lead in a British rom com it is, for Jesse Jane.


Kayden Kross has described herself in high school as "the book nerd". In September 2008, Kross was charged with grand theft and violations of the California Civil Code involving contracts for purchases of home equity. Book nerd and theft makes us think of Winona Ryder, who makes us think of period piece movies. Kayden, we've seen you in corsets that have the boob parts cut out. Now it's time to try on the real ones.


Kener has been quoted as saying, "Major stardom hasn't hit me. It kind of goes to everyone else BUT me." She has actually gone so far as to retire from adult films, too. Sounds a lot like Mickey Rourke before doing The Wrestler, to us. All she needs is for a defiant, determined director to get behind her and give her a character who'll rise like a phoenix. If this character's name happens to be "Phoenix" and likes to spin around on poles, then so much the better.


Krystal Steal's flaxen hair makes us think of the elves in Lord of the Rings. Yes, even though Liv Tyler was a brunette elf, we still think of the elves. If you have a problem with that, go read Ain't It Cool News, you elitist. If you don't have a problem with it, enjoy this poster for the mainstream comic-fantasy we'd like to see Krystal starring in.


The elder stateswoman of the bunch, Savanna would do well in dramedies, playing the older sister who's always keeping her siblings in line. But she never takes a moment... to breathe. Her on-camera experience spanking younger actresses and holding her breath for long periods of time would be invaluable assets in researching these sorts of roles. Oh, I just made a none too subtle sex joke. Tee hee. I'm 12.


In 2005 Teagan Presley appeared on the hit HBO show Entourage as a member of the "Pussy Patrol" in Season 2, Episode 9: I Love You Too. Shortly following this, she announced that she had her breast implants replaced and that she would be auctioning them on Ebay, with 20%of the proceeds going to Susan G. Komen for the Cure. The remainder of the proceeds were to be used to fund her divorce and custody cases. She's a tough cookie who knows her way around the legal system. And that's why she's perfect for a TNT drama.


Lanny Barby's adult film career started off in obscurity, and a brief appearance in World Sex Tour 24: Canada was her first gig. But with perseverance, she slept her way to stardom (all on-camera, people; she's not slutty), and has emerged as one of the top adult film stars today. Her raven-black hair and athletic build makes us think she'd make a pretty darn good Amazonian warrior type with a certain invisible jet and bulletproof wristbands...

Usually when you hear about celebrity plastic surgery the story involves some image obsessed celeb who went crazy and had their body and face mutilated. However, there are some celebs that go under the knife and actually come out looking better. Here is our list of the top celebrity plastic surgeries.

Name: Giselle Bundchen
What she had done: Boob job
Interesting fact: The surgery resulted in a free Tom Brady penis implant.

Name: Adrianna Lima
What she had done: Boob job
Interesting fact: After the surgery her boobs were bigger.

Name: Heather Locklear
What she had done: Boob job
Interesting fact: Even with big boobs Heather has not been attractive since the late 80’s.

Name: Heidi Klum
What she had done: Boob job
Interesting fact: Although from an aesthetic standpoint the operation was a success. The doctors mistakenly removed Heidi’s taste in men resulting in her marrying the mutant singer known as “Seal”.

Name: Holly Madison
What she had done: Lots
Interesting fact: Holly paid for her surgery with the money she earned giving old men handjobs in the VIP room at “Sapphire Gentlemen’s Club” (a skill she famously capitalized on later in life).

Kate Beckinsale
What she had done: Dental veneers
Interesting fact: Kate demanded that her new teeth be sculpted from the ivory of baby elephants.

Name: Marisa Miller
What she had done: Boob job
Interesting fact: Marisa’s doctors admired her vagina while she was under anesthesia.

Name: Ryan Gosling
What she had done: Nose job
Interesting fact: Besides the nose job Ryan also received a series of injections to his face to increase the appearance of smugness.

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