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Pictures from the Elephant Day 2009 Festival in Thailand

Posted by Anuradha Thursday, March 19, 2009

Elephant day was celebrated on 13th march 2009 in Thailand. This day is declared by Thai Government as National Elephant Day. More than 70 elephants took part in the celebration, which has been held since 1998.

Elephant is Thailand national animal, and officials hope that events like National Elephant Day will make people Revere them as it tries to preserve its elephant population is now around 4500.

The colorful parade of 40 elephants including baby elephants took place in front of 2,000 guests, including Mr. niti Kongkrut, Director of Tourism Authority of Thailand. Everyone was excited to see these intelligent animals display their talent by performing a wide variety of tricks and games. There was also a parade of dancers and performers all dressed in traditional Thai costume to entertain the audience throughout the day.

Elephants play with blocks of ice containing frozen fruit. Huge bunches of bananas, and tons of cane were on the menu for all-you-can-eat deal for Maes Elephant Camp sanctuary in the northern province of Chiang Mai. An elephant used its trunk to blow Darts burst balloons.

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