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10 Coolest Pillow Designs

Posted by Anuradha Thursday, March 19, 2009

1 - Blood Puddle pillows

The blood puddle pillow is the ideal way to start your Halloween morning.
Designed to look like a splattered puddle of blood under your head. In the images it looks pretty realistic and could be a really cruel joke to pull on your family

2 - Boyfriend Pillow

The Boyfriend Body Pillow for the lonely girl or SF city boy, costs only $40 and doesn’t fart!

Wrap yourself up in the Boyfriend Body Pillow. The Boyfriend Pillow is a soft and pleasurable body pillow that resembles the torso of a big strong man with a comforting arm that cuddles you.Feel his safe and warm embrace while comfortably resting on his chest. This fun and cozy snuggle pillow is great for people whose partner is away on military leave or work absence. Singles who wants to feel the touch of a man without actually having to have one love it too..

3 - “Cocaine-chic” pillow

CarteBlanche is the brain child of French Designers Jean-Philippe and Gaston Valeur- a “new luxury products company pioneering cocaine-chic couture”.
This opens up a whole new line of pharma merch - think of it the way beer brands advertise on billiard lamps and neon signage - can’t you see doc’s offices and hip loungey bars with crazy pill filled PILLows?

4 - Horse head pillow

This Godfather-inspired pillow will make anyone a offer they can’t refuse.

5 - iSleep pillow

While catching up for piled-up work using your laptop, you’ll barely have much time for a break. How you wish that you could just use your laptop as pillow and take a quick nap on your desk.
iSleep pillow makes it possible. You just need to attach iSleep pillow to your laptop’s exhaust vent and it’ll make use of the warm air to inflate and heat itself up to form a warm pillow for the cold winter nights.Unfortunately, iSleep still remains as a concept that was designed by Ivonne Dippmann.

6 - Lap pillow

Shaped like the legs of a kneeling woman in a short skirt, this Japanese pillow is described as “a comfy cushion for napping, reading or watching television.”

7 - Nintendo Controller pillows

A nice retro rest for your favourite geek gamer, at least until someone makes a plush Wii.

8 - Pillow Cases for singles

Cecilia Lundgren is talented designer from Halmstad.. One of her latest creations is a series of hand made pillow cases for lonely singles: brilliant concept and stylish design.

9 - Pillow Design That Looks Like Rock Avalanche

The Livingstones come in sizes ranging from 6.1 inches to 6.6 feet, all with the right, natural-looking proportions

10 - Scrabble pillow

Great concept and the original designer built couches that looked like tile holders. Still, a lousy word score.

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