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When Music Stars Pose Nu8e For Magazine Covers

Posted by Anuradha Monday, October 12, 2009

This week the cover to the June edition of Rolling Stone Magazine was revealed – a naked Lady GaGa obscured by only bubbles. Marking this momentous occasion (ahem), Gigwise takes a look at more rock and pop stars from down the years who've bared all on the front of glossy magazines...

Pink (Fotografie, September 2006) – Taken by none other than Bryan Adams, Pink appeared completely topless on this special edition of the French magazine.

Britney Spears (Rolling Stone , October 2003) – Following on from her controversial 1999 Rolling Stone cover when the 17-year-old Britney posed provocatively with a Tellytubby, Britney hit the headlines again when she stripped completely for the magazine.

Beth Ditto (NME, June 2007) – The Gossip singer was widely praised for the controversial NME cover two years ago. Feminist icon Germaine Greer told said of the image, “NME had enough courage to put the coolest woman on the planet on the cover, and Beth Ditto has given them the kind of picture that they can use: attention-getting but certainly not obscene."

Christina Aguilera (Marie Claire, January 2008) – Having already appeared virtually naked on Rolling Stone and several lads' mags, Aguilera upped the publicity ante by posing semi-nude while pregnant.

Beth Ditto (Love Magazine, February 2009) – Almost two years after her NME stunt, Ditto couldn't resist the urge and stripped again. Love Magazine editor Katie Grand said: “Isn’t it confounding and amazing to have an iconic figure…who doesn’t have a 25-inch waist?”

Red Hot Chili Peppers (Rolling Stone, June 1992) – The Chili Peppers joined the naked Rolling Stone cover club in the summer of 1992. Typically humorous, we love the expression on Anthony Kiedis' face

Christina Aguilera (Rolling Stone, November 2002) – Aged 21, Aguilera stripped for the US magazine with her vital areas covered only by a guitar. It quickly became one of the defining Rolling Stone covers of recent years.

Britney Spears (Harper's Bizarre Magazine, July 2006) – Just a few months after appealing for privacy in an interview, Britney posed pregnant for the famous fashion magazine. The photo was taken fashion photographer Alexi Lubomirski, the man behind Demi Moore's infamous Vanity Fair cover in 1991.

Janet Jackson (Rolling Stone, September 1993) – The hugely memorable cover of Janet posing with her breasts cupped by a pair of anonymous hands is arguably one of the greatest music images of the nineties.

Nicole Scherzinger (Blender, November 2007) – As well as appearing scantily clad on a number of Lads' Mags, The Pussycat Doll stripped for a more reputable music magazine two years back.

Warren Cuccurullo (G Magazine, 2000) – The former Duran Duran guitarist immersed himself in the world of gay porn at the turn of the millennium. On the front cover, Cuccurullo is obscured by a guitar but inside he posed completely bollock naked. Erection and all.

Dixie Chicks (Entertainment Weekly, May 2003) – Just two months after they famously bashed President Bush, the three girls from Texas stoked up more controversy when they appeared naked on EW. A political statement, they covered themselves in the positive and negative words the US media used to describe them after slamming Bush.

Avril Lavigne (Blender June 2007) – Avril proved that anything Britney and Christina can do, she can. Topless, only the strategically placed caption covers her up.

John Lennon and Yoko Ono (Rolling Stone , January 1981) – In 2005, the iconic Annie Liebovitz photo was unsurprisingly voted as the best magazine cover of the past 40 years. The famous edition of the magazine was published in tribute to John Lennon a month was murdered by Mark Chapman in New York.


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