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Bollywood Actresses and their Mothers Pictures

Posted by Anuradha Friday, October 23, 2009

Here is a special post of bollywood heroins with mummies.Even though they are stars on screen but the are also real life babies for their mummies.You can't see them as a star in this pics.Have a look.Comments are welcome.

Babitha - Karishma - Kareena

Anybody knows Bip's mother's name

Suzzane Turquotte - Katrina Kaif

Sneha Latha Dixit - Madhuri Dixit - Shankar Dixit

Malika Arora - Joyce Arora - Amrita Arora

Krishna Mukherjee - Rani Mukharji

Riya Sen - Mun Mun Sen - Raima Sen

Shilpa Shetty-Sunanda Shetty


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