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Photos Taken Seconds Before Death A330 Air France

Posted by Anuradha Thursday, June 18, 2009

Last week the world saw the disappearance of an A330 Air Frane during a trans Atlantic flight between Rio to Paris.
Two shots taken inside the plane before it crashed. Unbelievable! Photos taken inside the GOL B 737 aircraft that was involved in a mid air collision and crashed.....

The two photos attached were apparently taken by one of the passengers in the B737, . The photos were retrieved from the camera's memory stick. You will never get to see photos like this. In the first photo, there is a gaping hole in the fuselage through which you can see the tailplane and vertical fin of the aircraft. In the second photo, one of the passengers is being sucked out of the gaping hole.

These photos were found in a digital Casio Z750, amidst the remains in Serra do Cachimbo. Although the camera was destroyed, the Memory Stick was recovered. Investigating the serial number of the camera, the owner was identified as Paulo G. Muller, an actor of a theatre for children known in the outskirts of Porto Alegre. It can be imagined that he was standing during the impact with the Embraer Legacy and during the turbulence, he managed to take these photos, just seconds after the tail loss the aircraft plunged. So the camera was found near the cockpit. The structural stress probably ripped the engines away, diminishing the falling speed, protecting the electronic equipment but not unfortunately the victims. Paulo Muller leaves behind two daughters, Bruna and Beatriz.


  1. Ostrich Says:
  2. So fake..

    These are good pictures.. but don't believe what you see.. don't send them fwd not worth it.. this was extracted from a movie or a TV series or something..

    Think about this..

    a. The plane was an Airbus A330 not a Boeing B737 as stated there..

    b. The incident took place around 3.30am local time and on that picture you see the daylight behind the man that supposedly flies back falling away at the time of the incident.. no no no

    c. What remains are they talking about found on Serra do Cachimbo when the plane fell to the ocean nearby Fernando de Noronha islands?

    d. They come up with the name of the owner of the camera.. when no names.. no victims have been identified or announced officially

    e. It was not a collision according to study results..

    f. How was this "memory stick" recovered when the camera went missing.. ? I mean get real.. If your camera drops in the ocean and luckily it is saved.. it should be all messed up including the memory thing...

    g. A passenger took this snapshots at the moment of the collision with an Embraer Legacy.. this was not definitely an airplane collision accident involving two aircrafts... where did they get that from???

    h. The camera was found near the cockpit.. what cockpit? they haven't found it yet!

    i. A "normal" passenger does not take a picture or has a camera handy at 3.30am on an overseas flight..

    Too many things to add to this but well.. I got to run..

    Sorry people.. I was very concerned about this accident and I have been following it..

    These posted pictures must be hollywood material.. let's show respect for the victims and their families..

    See you all

    Ostrich B.

  3. rachael Says:
  4. THIS IS PICTURE FROM LOST/my fsvourite tv show in the hole world


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