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Atlast Youtube Bulk Downloader is Here

Posted by Anuradha Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Are you tired of Downloading Youtube videos one at a time? Do you have to waste all our time searching for Youtube Videos? Do you have a Video Website where you want to upload many videos at a time but cannot do that because no Service offers you Bulk Youtube Downloads? Or are you a person who want to collect videos from Youtube for your private collection, but have to spend your whole day to download them?

Come to and its newly launched software "YOUTUBE BULK DOWNLOADER"! This software downloads multiple Youtube video at the same time, thus saving your time and money. Why not give it a try ?

Login with the emailid and password that you would receive after payment through paypal. If you are trying out the demo version than use "demo" for username and "demo" for password. (without The quotes offcourse !)

When you click on the videos of youtube, you will be getting 2 options: a) Add to Download : This option lets you add the video directly from the menu, without actually opening it. b) Open: This option lets you open the video page of that particular video.

When you directly open a video page, you would be getting "Add to Download" button,which would let you add that particular video to your list of downloads.

The "Browse" button would let you Specify the Folder where you want your videos to be downloaded. The Default is Your Root Drive (ie. Its your C:/ drive if the root drive is C:/ ). You can create a new folder too.

With the Single Click Button you would be able to download all your listed Youtube Videos. Its a one click solution. And after you press the DownLoad button, you can still list the videos you want to download.

Removing a video from the list: All you need to do is double click on the Video title and it will be deleted. However if the video is already downloading than it cannot be deleted.

The "Save List" option will help you to save the list of Youtube Video Downloads in the name you specify.

The "Load List" of the top of the menu bar, will help you to load previously saved list of youtube Video download.

The Working screenshot of the software. In different areas of the software you would see the Status of it. Well offcourse you can Hide this Download Panel, anytime you want to, while the download goes on in the back.


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