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Top striptease scenes in Hollywood!

Posted by Anuradha Tuesday, November 4, 2008

While Bollywood have their item numbers, Hollywood is all about the striptease. And some of them are piping hot!me of them are piping hot!

Natalie Portman in Closer
The slender actress, wearing a pink wig, performed one of the most mysterious and sensual striptease ever in front of Clive Owen

Elisha Cuthbert in The Girl Next Door
What happens when a former porn star moves in next door? Well, you fall over yourself to get into her good books. This romantic comedy has its moments but the best is Elisha doing her thing.

Salma Hayek in From Dusk to Dawn
When a luscious Salma gyrated atop a table with a snake wrapped around her, many of us were left gasping for breath. Talk about exotic.

Kim Basinger in 9 And A Half Weeks
Kim Basinger's first starring role in the 1986 erotic drama opposite Mickey Rourke featured a lot of nudity, although many of the erotic scenes featured a body double. And then, there was her iconic striptease performed to Joe Cocker's song You Can Leave Your Hat On.

We bring you the most memorable teasers starting with the sexiest of them all -- Jamie Lee Curtis' uncomfortable though undeniably sexy striptease in 1994's True Lies.

Mia Kirshner in Exotica
This obscure 1994 drama is memorable only for Mia's exotic dance in a nightclub.

Lindsay Lohan in I Know Who Killed Me
Okay, so the film is bad and deserved all the eight of the nine Razzie nominations last year. But there is no denying that Lohan's pole dance is probably the best thing about the movie.

Jessica Alba in Sin City
Alba's hot bod has men lusting over her and women wanting to be her. Throw in a rope and gun, and what have you? One of the sexiest striptease acts of all time!

Rebecca Romijn in Femme Fatale

Under all that blue skin as 'Mystique', her character in the action movie X-Men, Romijn is one femme fatale indeed.

Demi Moore in Striptease
The film may not be much to talk about, but Demi's amazing performance is unforgettable. Throwing herself wholeheartedly in the film, Demi even researched for her role.


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