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35 Stunning Vintage Advertizements of Hawai Chappals

Posted by Anuradha Thursday, November 6, 2008

Whether you call your Havaianas flip-flops, thongs, or simply sandals - Havaianas are hot, comfy, and so affordable.

During my recent interview with Beverly Feldman, I asked her if she had a favorite, comfort shoe. She did. Havaianas flip-flops, or "the rolls royce of flip-flops," as she called them. When the name first came up, I mistakenly thought I hadn't heard of them. I guess, considering the source, I assumed they must be some exotic sandal that was only available on the beaches of Spain and to the likes of Ms. Feldman.


  1. James Says:
  2. 12 Vintage Cigarette Ads They Would Never Get Away with NowCigarette's aren't bad for you, in fact they make you happier, sexier, more popular and quite possibly richer.

  3. Riggs Says:
  4. Awesome!


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