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11 Strangest Restaurants Around the World

Posted by Anuradha Monday, September 8, 2008

Robot Kitchen

The Robot Kitchen in Hong Kong has automated their wait staff by usinog three robot waiters. I’ll tell you this much, they better not mess up my order or I’m giving them a magnet as a tip.

Snow Cave Bar

The Snøhulebaren or Snow Cave Bar in Norway doesn’t offer much in the way of food but you won’t care because all you’d be interested in is the Hot Blackcurrent Juice with Vodka when you have a seat on the “snow barstools”.

Hadaka Sushi

Hadaka Sushi in Los Angeles offers Nyotaimori which is the art of serving sushi on a naked womans’ body. I wonder if there’s a five second rule if you drop a California Roll on her crotch?

Dinner in The Sky

Not for people with a phobia of heights, Dinner in the Sky lifts it’s diner 50 meters in the air over a variety of scenic views. Sometimes accompanied by a band or piano on it’s own crane. I guess there is no excusing yourself to use the restroom at this dinner.

Chodovar Beer Spa

Have you ever had a beer so good that you say to yourself, “Man, I’d like to bathe in this!”. Probably not, but if you have, the Chodovar Beer Spa in the Czech Republic will accommodate you.


Who loves delicious animal reproductive organs, raise your hand! You’ll get plenty at this place in Beijing because that’s all they serve. Now who ordered the dog’s penis garnished with a plum?


No, the picture isn’t missing. That’s all you’ll see if you dine at O’Noir. A restaurant that serves you in the dark, sometimes with a blind waitstaff. Pray they don’t have a pest problem.


What’s more comfortable than sitting on a porcelain throne? Lot’s of things but that’s not what they offer here at W-Duckin Portugal.

Hobbit House

A fantasy tavern for Hobbits, or at least those who resemble Hobbits. The owners and entire staff are little people who have a reputation as a great bar for live music. But this place isn’t located in Middle Earth. It’s in Manila.

Asia SF

Gender Illusionists. That is the most creative way I’ve ever heard to describe that your waitress is tucking her wiener between her legs. If you don’t know what you’re walking into when you go to this restaurant in San Francisco, you will be in for a serious surprise.

World’s First Underwater Restaurant
For those of you who DO find this enticing and beautiful, the world’s first underwater restaurant just opened at the Hilton resort in Maldives. It’s like a giant stationary submarine immersed in the most beautiful water in the world, and if you ever do go, please tell me how the food was


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